What would you do if you woke up and your business or
place of work no longer existed?

A recent study discovered that, of companies experiencing a “major loss” of computer records, 43 percent never reopened, 51 percent closed within two years of the loss, and a mere 6 percent survived over the long-term.   For small and medium-sized businesses in particular, these statistics suggest the necessity of crafting a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) strategy grounded in a robust data backup and recovery solution.

Now Available for Windows 2003 & Windows 2008 Servers
Exchange Servers & Small Busines Servers

       Add our Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution to your network.

Replaces management intensive, error-prone tape backups while providing much more.

  • No need to deal with failed scheduled backups, having to scale back backup jobs due to limited tape capacity or worry about replacing out of warranty backup hardware.
  • No tape backup units, no tapes, REV disks or cleaning cartridges – no need to ever purchase, replace, change or store media cartridges offsite again.
  • Backups are performed as frequently as every 15 minutes providing clients with an increased amount of restore points when compared to traditional tape backups.
  • Data backup is performed at the block level where the actual 1’s and 0’s are captured from the hard drive essentially eliminating failures related to open files.  Block transfer is the most efficient way to write to a disk. 
  • Advanced restorations features including file and folder level restorations and bare metal restorations to dissimilar hardware.
  • “Virtual Server” capabilities significantly reduce network downtime in the event of Server failure.  In the event that the original Server fails, the backup device can be configured to perform as a “Virtual Server” until the original Server can be repaired or replaced.
  • Offsite Backup Options – current image or 1 year archive images:  Data is securely sent from the local NAS device to high availability, redundant off-site collocation facilities.  All aspects of the on-site and off-site solution are monitored 24x7.  
  • In the event of an office disaster where the original Server(s) and the on-site backup NAS devices are both lost, the offsite facility can ship a newly imaged NAS device, with the most current backup via next business day air transportation to a location of your choice.  The replacement backup NAS device can be used as a “Virtual Server” for up to 2 weeks – allowing time for a replacement server to be ordered and received, a “bare metal restore” to be completed and the replacement server put in place.
Data loss could shut down your business.  Don't let it happen to you.

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