Remote Backup Solutions

It is estimated that over 60% of companies that lose their data shut down within 6 months. We are all aware of the pifalls of inadequate backups. The problem is what to do about it? What's the most effective way to backup and secure your data?

Online Backup, Disk or Tape?

Tape technology has evolved over the last 50 years into the high performance medium that many companies use today. Disk backups are increasing in popularity mostly because of performance and cost. Both of these technologies have their drawbacks. The main problem is that it requires human intervention. Mechanisms break and human beings can forget to change the disk or tape and take copies off site. Security is another big issue with disk and tape.

Set It and Forget It!

Mohr Backup is an automatic process. There are no tapes to change or disks to swap. We can monitor your backups 24x7. Our system can also send you daily reports showing you which files have been backed up. You can perform test restorations of your data at any time.

What About Security?

Mohr Backup offers end-to-end encryption. The data remains encrypted during all backup and restore transfers and while it is in storage in a world-class datacenter. Are your backup disks and tapes ending up in the back seat of one of your employees' cars, purse or laptop bag?

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Most companies that have a backup plan in place are using a daily backup strategy that runs late at night. This actually increases your chance of data loss. If the failure happens just before your scheduled backup, you will lose an entire day's worth of work. Our continuous data protection can automatically upload snapshots of file changes as they happen, in real time.

Data Compression

Because our technology is able to compress your data to a much smaller size, the costs for the service is quite affordable. Unlike most of our competitors that set their pricing before compression, all of our charges are based on the size of your compressed data. This is why our prices are usually less than half of our major competitors.


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